Meet Dana Stevens, from Chicago, Illinois. He made a video that went viral. It compares the biblical exodus to current events in today's news. I was so moved that I invited him to talk.


I waited for six long months for this convention to arrive. It happened yesterday, and I have the results.

As expected, there are a few Blacks that have been hired since I was that now work for the company I work for during the day. I'd guess there are about six and three halves that are now employed at various locations throughout the state. Listen to all the details in the short update.

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Black Lives vs. All Lives, Reps vs. Dems, Men vs. Women, Gays vs. Jews, Libs vs. Trannies.

We're all going to die.


Remember how much fun it was to hang out with your homeboy and just shoot the shit for hours? Justin McHugh is my mothafucka. I like it when he comes thru because we talk about all types of ill shit and then we jam, like a car that just won't start, but we jam.

Prayers and thoughts go out to all the families affected by recent tragedies.


Recorded on 7/8/2016


ATOIS favorite Marco Smallman returns for another victory lap after his latest cagefight.


That's right, y'all - Season 2 is here! I've been busy with work and fell off the routine of production but my good friend and part time co-host has returned for, yet, another great 2 1/2 hours of good convo.

Special thanks to everyone that listens and provides input. I really appreciate hearing back from my team mates about the show. I'm still in my beginning stage and having lots of fun. Unfortunately, I can't get to it as much as I'd like, but I'm always looking forward to another opportunity to having a friend, training partner, fellow musician, or just a plain, random guest sitting down to talk about ATOIS.


Happy Mother's Day!!

To all the ladies that participated in my upbringing and development, I would like this opportunity to thank you all, too many to name.

Yes, it's a Hallmark holiday, and it is fuckin' corny, but I'm not gonna be the guy that doesn't at least try to make the mothers in my life know I love them very much and that they're important.


Listen as I talk about random things in the news, such as friendship, politics and current events.


I loved him for his music, and his unique characteristics that seemed to appeal to the world from as far back as I can remember. He is on my personal Mt. Rushmore and rates as high, if not higher than Michael Jordan. He inspired me to become a musician and to learn several instruments. He showed me that I could be confident and even sexy, but most importantly, creative in my own way.

There was no one like him. To me there is no comparison between him and any other artist in the history of the world. He is the most successful musician ever. He cultivated musicians and produced the greatest musical catalog known to man spanning 39 known albums. Hopefully, the public will be blessed with at least some of the storied treasures of music and videos he had locked away.

I've never been this sad about a celebrity passing away. I wish I could have met him, but I am glad I got to see him live in concert. Like many others, I'll begin collecting as much media as I can soon. Thanks to everyone that thought of me & contacted me when they heard the news, knowing Prince was and will always be my favorite.


Yes, folks, it's true. I had thought about throwing it all away. It's not the first time, and I'm sure I'll consider it again soon. It ain't easy having to tow the line all alone, but all my life I had to fight. Yes, that's from The Color Purple and it's true - I've been doing this for a year now having experienced first hand how frustrating it can be to run your own show. Full schedules, flaky people, and laziness are to blame for the demise of ATOIS, but together we will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes and blaze on.

Thank you for the love and support from everyone that listens. Check for your invite soon!


Today, I felt the need to talk about some of the things that have happened, such as the terrorist attack in Brussels this morning, my recent vacation to Vegas, the rehab center I started working at, etc, etc.

Music: Al Green - Let's Stay Together  Tommy Emmanuel - Borsalino  Primus - My name is Mud



That's right, y'all. I finally caught up to the globetrotter. After reading his book, I developed a new perspective on the sport of jiu-jitsu, as well as reading books. This book had more influenced greatly influenced me and I can't say enough good things about its content, or its author. Please, if you love BJJ, and are into delightful reads, I suggest this trip around the world with a cool guy.

Music: Super Colossal by Joe Satriani

Special thanks to Justin McHugh for gifting this book to me. I hope to repay you for that HUGE favor. It has more than opened my eyes to the world. For that, I'm eternally grateful.



Achokarlos is one of the illest guitarists in the world. I've been watching his YouTube videos for almost a decade.  Although, he lives in Spain, I was fortunate enough to have him appear as a guest (via Skype) on my podcast to talk about music and the possibility of becoming a touring performer, with either of his projects, Robot Porn or The Great Southern.





Marco "The Hybrid" Smallman and MattZilla Cylla are both young amateur MMA cagefighters in the welterweight division that both won their recent championship bouts at the famous Joe Louis Arena, on a great card for Joe Battaglia and his promotion, TXC.

Training out of MASH Gym, Fuse Martial Arts, and Warrior Way, these guys are guided by the best hands available and are sure to go as far as they would like. I expect their reign to be long and fruitful.

Shouts out to Big Don Richard, Todd Alee, James Lee, Ben Lagman, and Joe Battaglia for all their hard work and dedication to their athletes and successful promotion.

Music: Higher/ The Game


Please allow me to introduce you to my friend, The Mighty Andy Nemeckay. He's a man's man and one of the finest. As an amateur MMA fighter, he amassed a total of five victories, all finishes. He's a decorated wrestler, and BJJ artist that somehow faded into the horizon. I managed to locate him and sit him down to talk about some of the ill shit that he's experienced.

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